Christen's Corns



Payments are done through PayPal or in cash if done in person. You can make payments through PayPal without having an account. Snakes must be paid for in full before snake is shipped/delivered. A deposit of 20% of purchase price can be made in order to put snake on hold. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.  Snakes can only be placed on hold for 14 days unless other arrangements have been made. If snake is not paid for in full by the end of the 14 days the snake is placed back up for sale and deposit will not be refunded.


We are FedEx certified to ship reptiles so shipping is available via Fed Ex Overnight.  Depending on the size of the snakes I may be able to combine shipping to help save costs. I will only ship if the temperature at the destination is between 50F and 90F. Shipping is only done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please check your local laws. I will not knowingly ship snakes anywhere that it maybe against state or local laws.


There is a 48 hour health and sex guarantee. Unfortunately, I am not able to guarantee buyers husbandry. All snakes will have eaten a minimum of three meals of appropriate sized frozen thawed mice unless stated otherwise prior to purchase. It is recommended to have snake checked out within the 48 hour period. All claims regarding health or sex must be made within the 48 hours and have documentation by licensed Veterinarian and/or photo. I am not able to guarantee that they snake will eat within the 48 hour period nor is it recommended to feed the snake within 48 hours of receipt. Snakes do require and adjustment period with little to no handling to get accustomed to their new surroundings.

There is also a live arrival guarantee. The forecast-ed temperatures on the date of delivery must be between 50F and 90F. There must be someone available to receive the snake on the first delivery attempt or snake must be picked up at a local FedEx station. If both of these conditions are not met then the guarantee is void. In the unfortunate event that a snake is DOA please contact me for info on how to document it. Once I receive documentation the cost of the snake will be refunded minus shipping. Shipping is not included in the guarantee.

I reserve the right to change my terms at anytime without notice.  I also reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.