Christen's Corns

Welcome to Christen's Corns!

We are a very small hobby breeder located in Mesa Arizona. We

 only produce a few clutches a year. We do it for the love of

 Corn Snakes and we just love how exciting genetics can be. We

 strive to make sure that each and everyone one of our snakes is

 happy and healthy. All snakes are treated as they are a

permanent part of the family even if they are available. Please

check below for the latest information regarding our available

 snakes and follow our blog for all of the happenings at

Christen's Corns.




Stay up to date on the latest news.... 

2013 Babies are here!! Check out our available page to see the babies that are available. Make sure that you check back as babies will continually become available as they start eating.


We also now have a personal forum over at So come on over. 


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Check out our blog. All of the happenings at Christen's Corns get

 posted on our blog.





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